Golden Mistress DVD

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Golden Mistress DVD

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1954 USA: John Agar, Rosemarie Stack, Jacques Molant, André Narcisse



  • Directed by - Abner Biberman
  • Starring - John Agar, Rosemarie Stack, Jacques Molant, André Narcisse
  • Written by - Abner Biberman, Lee Hewitt

The Golden Mistress (1954) — Ann Dexter, daughter of an itinerant Haiti waterfront character, Carl Dexter, brings a golden idol, which her father her stolen at a voodoo ceremony, to Bill Buchanan, who is known along the waterfront as a man eternally on a treasure hunt. He agrees to let Ann accompany him in search of the treasure after a native he befriended gives him directions and certain voodoo secret charms. They follow an underwater passage to an island where they find a Pagan tribe. They learn that the golden idol is a burial symbol representing the dead and that hundreds of idols are at the bottom of the sacred burial lake.

Out of the voodoo jungles of Haiti

The Golden Mistress DVD is manufactured on demand when ordered and ships worldwide! Important: This title has been compiled from the best-quality video master currently available and has not been remastered or restored. The print transfer is supplied on premium Taiyo Yuden DVD-R with thermal print in a clear plastic wallet.